Therapist websites

that help you get more clients. referrals. leads.

Websites built to help therapist get more referrals, leads, increase engagement and reach.

Using our years of website & digital marketing experience and built-in tools, you can create a website that helps you grow your business.

Generate leads

Setup your website to generate leads from the start with our intuitive lead tools.

Get found online (SEO)

Climb the search engine rankings to get more visibility, traffic and leads!

No tech headaches

We will take care of the hosting and technical aspects of your website.

Share your art & craft

Share your work and information through your website and blog.

Professionally designed

Designed by professionals to help you stand out in the crowd.

Market your content

Market the content on your website organically, or through ads.

Increase Credibility

A professional website increases your credibility with potential clients.

SMS Text Notifications

Receive a text every time you get a new lead. The quicker you contact them, the better!

Responsive website

Your website will work on any and all devices. Over 50% of traffic now comes from mobile phones.

Connect with clients

Connect with your clients through a professional & engaging website.

Here's the deal...

Creating a website is a huge challenge for any small business owner, especially therapist.  Any free time you have typically goes towards other things you have to do in your business, such as following up on leads, handling billing, handling insurance, creating content…the list goes on and on.

And if you’ve ever looked into hiring anyone to create a website for you, you were probably overwhelmed by the quote you received.  Most people spend thousands of dollars on a website with no idea how it will work out for them.

Then there are the DIY website builders like Square Space and Wix, which sound great…but they are still very time consuming.  Not to mention, you’ve got to figure it out on your own.

In addition, with the current COVID-19 situation being online has never been more essential.

That’s why we created happytherapysites. 

We wanted to create something specifically for therapist that would not only help you to create a beautiful looking website, but something that would help you get more referrals and leads via your website…  

An organic lead generation machine. 

You see, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients in other industries and have had great success.  Now, we want to help therapist do the same.

After speaking with a number of successful business owners, we knew we were on the right path.

Here’s where you come in…

As a “next step” we want to roll out the happytherapysites website builder to a limited number of individuals, our “founding members”.  As a founding member, you will be responsible for helping us perfect the system and expand on it over time.  Our work is never done!

In addition, and as a thank you from us, you will receive a significant discount on the services we offer, and you will also be locked into a low monthly rate even if the rates change in the future.

And to be honest, we hope to have multiple membership levels in the future….but founding members will be upgraded, for life, for no additional cost.

To find out more of what we have to offer, read on below…

Here is what's included:


Special launch offer for founding members:

$597 + $97/month

$297 + $59/month

Only 10 9 spots left!

Already have a website?  We will migrate it for you.

Here is what's included:


Special launch offer for founding members:

$597 + $79/month

$297 + $59/month

Only 10 9 spots left!

Already have a website?  We will migrate it for you.

Sample Website Templates


We're happy you asked.

Great question!  The first fee is for the website setup and the second is for the monthly website care/maintenance, including:

  • Hosting
  • Support
  • The HTS website builder
  • Future HTS interations
  • +more!

Ah, we love answering this question.  Our website builder was created specifically for therapist.  We've spent months researching the best way to provide website services that no only help you stand out online, but also help you get found through search engines.

The more people that find you, the more leads you will get from your website.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization.  This is the process of increasing your visibility in the search engines so that your website shows up more often for the searches that are related to your business.

Hi there, we are so happy you asked (no pun intended).  We are a team of dedicated individuals that have helped hundreds of small business owners create a professional website that has helped them grow their business online.  

Nope!  No contract.  Cancel at anytime.

The way the HTS website builder was put together, the website will not work without being on our "network" or "platform".  Therefore, we can export the content from the website to you, but the design and structure will not work without being on our service.

Who is behind happytherapysites?

Hello!  My name is Grant Kantsios and it’s so nice to meet you.  Back in 2011 when I started my career as a website design and SEO expert, I wasn’t sure what type of clients I wanted to work with.  After years of experience and working in a number of industries, I decided that I wanted to support as many small businesses as possible.

We set out on a path to reach as many people as we could and to truly make an impact on their business & life.  And that’s what we’ve done.

Our websites span a number of industries, from beauty businesses to contractors.  Any small business can benefit from a website that is crafted specifically for them.

After speaking with some therapist, I came to realize that they needed help too.  And I new we could help.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  If you’d like to schedule a call with me, you can do so using the button below.

I am here to help.

With love & gratitude,

Grant Kantsios

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